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Shaler Township Wards

Shaler Voting Wards

Shaler Township is divided into seven (7) approximately equal-population wards which are represented by one Shaler Commissioner each. For the purposes of voting, each ward is further divided into four to five “sub-wards” which are usually referred by their two-number combination. A person living in Ward 4 and sub-ward 2 would say “I’m in 4-2” or “I’m in the Second of Ward 4.” Though all individuals from each ward vote at one location, some voting locations host more than one combination of these. For example, a voting location may provide polls for both 5-2 and 4-3 in some situations.

What Shaler Township ward am I in?
Find out here: Shaler Voting Ward and District Map [v2016]

Where do I vote?
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Find out here: https://apps.alleghenycounty.us/website/ElectPollPlace.aspx

Shaler Area School District Regions

Because Shaler Area School District provides education for students living in Etna, Millvale, Reserve, and Shaler, School District is broken into three “regions”. Each school district region is represented by three board members who are elected. Elections for board members generally rotate so that only a couple of board members are elected per election cycle rather than all board members being elected at the same time.

What Shaler Area School Board region am I in?

Official School Voting Region reference
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Unofficial map (more convenient, but technically unofficial)

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